The pool is currently closed for the season!

As we approach fall, and the school year starts back in full swing- the Yorkshire Community Pool routinely closes for the season.
We will be reopening in the late spring of 2021
Don't neglect to take advantage of our other amenities during these 
fall months, and continue to enjoy the cool weather while it lasts.


  • Use of Pool 

Lifeguards must be on duty during all pool activities. All persons using the pool during times when the pool is officially closed is considered trespassing and swimming at their own risk. The HOA and management are not responsible for accidents or injuries during these times.​ You must be a current resident of Yorkshire and in good standing (no violations and no balance due) to use the pool.

  • Guests

All guests must be signed in by the resident in good standing and must leave when the resident leaves the pool area. Guests that are NOT out of town guests will be charged $2.00. This charge will be collected by the Lifeguard on duty. Out of town guests are those people staying overnight with a resident, but not living in the residents house. These guests will be admitted at no cost with proof of their residence (ID). Out of town is considered a fifty-mile radius from Yorkshire. Residents who violate this policy could lose pool privileges.

  •  Lap Lane

THE LAP LANE IS TO BE USED ONLY FOR SWIMMING OR WALKING LAPS. If you wish to sit pool side (with your feet in the pool) you may do so only in areas other than the designated Lap lane.

  • Minimum Age

All children age 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult. Swimmers age 14-17 without a parent present are limited to a max of 2 guests at a time, and are not allowed to supervise younger children. A person must be at least 18 to supervise small children. All other children swimming without a supervising adult will be asked to leave the pool area. Please encourage children to be respectful of the lap swimmers and lane lines. Encourage your children to exit the pool to use the restroom, rehydrate, or get a snack.

  • Gate Security

Entry Gate must be kept closed at all times to comply with Security, Safety, and Health Department regulations. Insure Entry Gate fully closes and latched when entering and leaving the pool. DO NOT hold the gate open for others not in your party to enter. For SECURITY and SAFETY, each individual resident must use their issued Fob for entry into the pool with family members and guests. Yorkshire residents who are current of their yearly HOA dues will be eligible for two (2) activated Fobs. This Fob also allows access to the Tennis Courts. Dates and times for issuing Fobs at the Pool will be posted on the HOA website, This will be done prior to the pool opening for the pool season. Fobs can also be issued at the Management Company Office at the address below. Anyone transferring Fobs to a non-resident will risk losing pool privileges for the season. Lost Fob replacement charge is $25 per Fob. Upon moving and no longer a Yorkshire Homeowner, Fobs must be returned to the Management Company, AMS, 248 Latitude Lane, Suite 102, Lake Wylie, SC, 29710, 803-831-7023. A $50.00 charge will be assessed for unreturned Fobs.

  • ​ Shower

Health Department regulations require that all persons shower before entering the pool. Clothing is to remain ON while showering.

  • Suits

Standard appropriate swimming attire required. No street clothes allowed in pool.

  • No Diving

No diving is permitted. Anyone diving, jumping off furniture or other structures will be asked to leave the pool and will lose pool privileges for the season.

  • Pets

No pets are allowed inside the fence surrounding the pool. Service Dogs are allowed and must be properly identified as such.

  • Behavior

No “dunking” other swimmers. No rough or dangerous horseplay in the pool area. No running on pool deck. (Parents are responsible for children’s behavior.) No skateboards, roller blades, bikes, etc… inside the pool area. Please be courteous of lap swimmers while in the pool near the lane line areas. No offensive LANGUAGE or MUSIC will be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the pool and could lose pool privileges for the season.

  • Hygiene

People with open wounds, communicable or infectious diseases should not use the pool. Please do not wear band-aids in the pool. Swim diapers are required of all children not reliably toilet trained. In case the pool becomes contaminated with any form of solid material, the parent must ask all swimmers to leave the pool and notify the lifeguard on duty or call Carolina Pool Management. The pool will be locked immediately, treated for contamination and re-opened in 24 hours.

  • Food

If you bring food and beverages to the pool area, please make sure all trash is disposed of properly. Alcoholic beverages must be concealed (Can huggers). No kegs are allowed on pool property. A broom and dustpan will be available for crumbs so as not to attract ants or bees. 




  • No Smoking

Smoking and any and all forms of Vaporizing is not permitted on the pool grounds (including restrooms), parking lot next to pool, and pool house entrance.  A Smoking Area, reasonable distance away from the pool area, has been designated.  Violators will be asked to leave the pool area.

  • Toys

Pool appropriate toys and flotation devices are allowed but must be removed with every visit to the pool. Please don’t use oversized floats. No sports balls are allowed inside the pool gates, this includes but is not limited to: baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, volley balls, etc. Only soft swimming pool balls that are intended and sold for aquatic use will be allowed. 

  • Pool Grounds

Lounges, Chairs, and Tables are available on a first come-first serve basis and WILL NOT be reserved or held. When leaving pool area take all you belongings with you, table, chairs, or lounges cannot be held until you return. No removal of pool furniture from pool area except by the HOA board for special events. Report damaged furniture to Lifeguard or a HOA board member.

  • Parking Lot

Observe all posted safety or information signs. Parking is limited to designated areas. No parking on grass except for board members or authorized individuals working an HOA event or common area maintenance. Unlicensed vehicles, except HOA utility and maintenance vehicles, are not allowed. No double parking. No overnight parking. Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

  • Parties

Parties are limited to a maximum total of 10 individuals.

The resident hosting the party will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning up any trash, spills, etc. after the function.

Other homeowners will still use the pool during these functions. 

No reserved space or tables provided.

Parties of 11 to 30 must be held at the Picnic Pavilion
utilizing the Picnic Pavilion reservation and rental procedures. Pool wristband procedures and procurement MUST be adhered to as stated in the Picnic Pavilion Rules.

The resident will need to complete the Amenity Reservation form on the HOA website: or contact the management company (AMS) seven (7) days in advance of the date to make arrangements.

For parties of 25 or more, there must be at least 1 additional lifeguard on duty.

Owner/Host of party is responsible for notification and payment of extra lifeguard.

Cost for additional lifeguard is $20.00 per hour and must be paid in advance with a separate check or funds. Contact the management company, AMS 803-831-7023 to make arrangement for additional lifeguard and number hours needed.

Additional lifeguard fee is non-refundable unless the pool is closed due to inclement weather or you cancel 24 hours prior the time your function begins. All guests will adhere to the published and posted pool rules.

  • Lost Items

A lost and found box will be available. At the end of the season, unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated to charity.

  • Damages

Any damage to the pool or pool property will be charged to the person(s) causing said damage. You will be billed the amount charged for repairs and/or replacement. It is the duty and responsibility of all homeowners, their children, and their guests to adhere and encourage compliance with these rules.

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