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Avaliable Amenities

 As a homeowner in good standing, members are able to reserve
our picnic pavilion for birthday parties, or other such events. Yorkshire's pavilion is equipped with two grills, a water fountain, and eight picnic tables,
* Running water, and electricity are by reservation only.*


Request Steps


Review Guidelines

Before making a reservation,

be sure to review the Amenity 

Reservation Guidelines, Amenity Rules document, and Pool rules (if applicable) thoroughly- as you will be expected to uphold them.

Fill Out Request Form

You must submit a request at least 7 days prior to the date you want to reserve. Please keep in mind  that  submitting a request does not guarantee your reservation.

Submit check to AMS

Two $50 checks must be submitted with the reservation. One will be detained to defer the cost of lighting and  electrical. The other will be returned upon inspection of the pavilion after your event.



Note: Any misuse or damage to HOA facilities and recreational equipment, and/or nonpayment of required pool guest fees could result in loss of deposit and a hearing before the HOA Board. This could result in possible loss of Amenity privileges and fines. Homeowners reserving the Picnic Pavilion are responsible and liable for any misuse or damages incurred by their guests.

Step Two

(Requested date must be 7 days in advance from today)

Request use of the pool for my guests:

Guest fee is $2.00 per guest.

For pool parties of 25 or more, an additional lifeguard must be on duty. Residents requesting the party is responsible for notification and payment of the extra lifeguard. Cost for additional lifeguard is $20.00 per hour and a $20.00 administrative fee per party, this must be paid in advance with a separate check or funds. Contact the management company (AMS) (803) 831- 7023 to schedule the additional lifeguard and number of hours needed. Additional lifeguard fee is non-refundable unless the pool is closed due to inclement weather or cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled times of the function. All guests must adhere to the published, posted pool rules, and posted signs.

Confirm that you will comply with Amenity Rules:

NOTE: Your request will not guarantee reservation. All requests are analyzed and confirmed/ denied based on availability, whether homeowners dues are up to date, etc. amongst other factors that are taken into consideration. As of now, renters are not permitted to reserve amenities.

Any renters submitting reservation requests will automatically be denied.


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