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Use of Tennis Court

 Before use of the tennis courts, we ask that all residents review Yorkshire's updated amenity rules.



Operating Hours
  • Use of  Tennis Court 

Use of the Tennis Courts is on a first come-first serve basis.  Rental tenants must have written approval from their property owner to have their fobs activated to utilize the Tennis Courts. If someone is waiting to play, please limit usage to one (1) hour. Lights are available for activation when playing during hours of darkness.  When utilizing the Tennis Courts, please ensure the gate is closed and latched. When leaving ensure the gate is closed and latched and the lights are turned off (if used for night play).  

  • Operating Hours

Use of Tennis Courts is from 7:00AM – 11:00PM. 

  • Requirements

You must have a key fob and be current in assessments to gain access, otherwise your fob(s) will be deactivated. Please keep noise at a minimum level after 8:00pm.

  • Restrictions

Tennis Courts are restricted to tennis and basketball use only. No bicycles, skateboards, motorized vehicles, toys, pets, or use of foreign objects are allowed in the court. Please clean up and place all trash and rubbish in the provided trashcans. Take all equipment and personal items with you when you leave.  No jumping over the net or horseplay on the tennis courts.  Any damage to the tennis courts or tennis court property will be charged to the person(s) causing said damage. You will be billed the amount charged for repairs and/or replacement. It is the duty and responsibility of all homeowners, their children, and their guests to adhere and encourage compliance with these rules. 

Additional Features


Horseshoe Pits are adjacent to the Tennis Courts. Horseshoes and sand rake are mounted inside the Tennis Courts.  Cornhole boards are located inside the Tennis Courts. These items are inside the Tennis Courts to prevent theft and misuse. A Fob is required to enter the Tennis Courts to use these items. All Fobs usage are logged by date, time, Fobs owner name and address. The Tennis Courts are monitored by 24 hour video surveillance. Any misuse or theft can be tracked. The HOA tries its best to protect our community's resources that you, as a homeowner, pay for via annual assessments.





One of the Tennis Courts has been temporarily striped for Pickle Ball.  Early next spring the Tennis Courts will be refurbished and permanently striped for Tennis and Pickle Ball.

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