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Architectural Review Form

According to our CCR’s you must fill out an ARC form for any improvement to your home or lot. Your ARC Committee then has 30 days to respond or your application is approved by default.


If you start (or finish) your project without a filled out ARC form: the Board is required by the CCR’s to force you to take down your project, don’t let that happen. Fill out an ARC form today.

Download it now and get the process started!

Amenity Rules

By using any our amenities, you are understood to have acknowledged

and comply with all of Yorkshire's Amenity Rules.

 CCR's & By-Laws



Community Covenants and Restrictions are very important, they are the rules and regulations that tell you what is allowed and what is not in our neighborhood. There are roughly 23 different sets of CCR’s in our neighborhood and that is why the rules that apply to you aren’t the same rules that apply to your neighbor. When you apply for an Architectural Review the CCR’s for your address is supplied to the ARC committee and this is what they use to approve or deny your request.



By-Laws are the rules that govern the whole neighborhood and try to bring a consistency to things. By-Laws are superseded by CCR’s which in turn are superseded by state or local laws.

Industrial Odor Form

The Industrial Odor Form is how you report various businesses that emit a foul odor in the air. Whether it’s a waste treatment smell, a factory or a restaurant that hasn’t changed it’s cooking oil this form is your first step toward fixing a problem.


YHOA Articles of Incorporation

Yorkshire 2024 Budget

Board Meeting Minutes


2024 Pool Schedule


2023 Pool Rules

Tenant Amenity Access Approval Form

Odor Form
CCR's & By-Laws
Amenity Rules
Arc. Review Form
YHOA Articles
2020 Pool Waver
Meeting Minutes
Pool Hours
Tenant Access
Pool Rules
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