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 Before using the volleyball court, we ask that all
residents review Yorkshire's updated amenity rules.





  • Use of  Volleyball Courts

All homeowners are entitled to the privileges of the Volleyball Court. Below are the rules that will be enforced for the usage of the court. Use of the court is on a first come-first serve basis. However, courtesy should be shown to those waiting to play by relinquishing the court after a reasonable playing time (45 minutes maximum). Volleyball must be provided by the user. 

  • Requirements

Volleyball must be provided by the user. Volleyball Court is restricted to volleyball use only. 

Any damage to the volleyball court or volleyball court property will be charged to the person(s) causing said damage. You will be billed the amount charged for repairs and/or replacement. It is the duty and responsibility of all homeowners, their children, and their guests to adhere and encourage compliance with these rules. 

Rakes have been installed to rake the sand after playing. Please return the rakes to their holders on the poles. They are not toys to play with.

  •  Restrictions

- No bicycles, toys, pets, or use of foreign objects in the court.

- No digging, throwing, transporting, or removing sand from court.

- No hanging on the volleyball net or abuse to court property.

- No drinking, eating, smoking in or immediately around the sand area.              

- No parking on the grass.


For full copy of the updated volley ball court rules: 

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